Thursday, February 9, 2017

Bralalalala Discovers Trans Chorus LA Farce

Bralalalala offered her good spirits and support for 
this organization in January, which the press claims, "supports 
and empowers trans singers" and "brings together all trans." 
It turns out this is not entirely the case as some overly 
uptight,self important self diagnosed people sitting 
around a table determined Bralalalala was unworthy to 
charitably donate to their efforts and would not be eligible 
to sing in the ever apparent amateur yet good natured chorus 
group, based 
on an alleged audition which suddenly became exclusionary once 
Bralalalala arrived. 
The organizations Facebook page posts a quote from 
Laverne Cox equating the plight of trans women to 
illegal immigrants. Shockingly Bralalalala would likely 
disagree with such a relationship if quizzed. Bralalala could 
conceivably also fail in other political quizzes not trans related 
the group may be holding more dearly. 
Some in the organization may also 
be letting their egos dictate who can participate and who 
can not, totally irrelevant of trans rights, and more relevant 
to their own personal lameness and mediocrity .The group 
appears to have political 
motivations beyond and separate from empowering 
trans singers and trans. As a result the organization 
will suffer accordingly amid its ironic aura of arrogance.